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Foundry Models and Aluminium Molds

Foundry models

Foundry Models

We can produce foundry models in wood, resin or aluminium.

Thermoforming Moulds

We design and produce thermoforming aluminum moulds.


Moulds for polystyrene

We produce and modify moulds for polystyrene packaging.


Models for fibreglass

We shape models for fibreglass moulds.



We can realize prototypes in wood, resin, aluminium and other materials.

Modelleria Tardivo - Esperienza e controlli manuali della qualità
Modelleria Tardivo - Produzione modelli e stampi con macchinari CNC a 5 assi
Modelleria Tardivo - Ufficio Tecnico interno per la progettazione e la modellazione

Modelleria Tardivo

Modelleria Tardivo is specialized in the production of wood, resin and aluminium foundry models and of thermoforming moulds

Modelleria Tardivo is an expert in the field of models and equipment for the foundry industry. We design and produce wood, resin and aluminium foundry models, thermoforming moulds, moulds for polystyrene and prototypes.
The company was established in 1987 by Mario Tardivo as a small, independent business to produce foundry models and aluminium moulds for packaging. Over the years the company has evolved thanks to new technology that marked the transition from handwork to the production of models through CNC machinery.

The use of innovative 5-axis CNC machines allows the construction of large moulds of any shape and material.
The division staff is skilled and practised in manual modelling and is capable of making high-quality models and moulds.
Today more than ever, the market needs to pay attention to the quality and safety of the products offered and to the punctuality with which they are delivered.
Modelleria Tardivo has been collaborating for years with important foreign companies and foundries.

Accuracy, Punctuality, Experience and Quality are just some of our strengths.



Design Department


Catia V5

Catia V5 Starting from an idea, a project and the customer’s technical requirements we are able to develop the geometry using the CATIA V5 software, which allows the user to manage solids and surfaces and view the entire 3D model and all its components in a virtual environment.




WorkNC After creating the geometry desired by the customer, the design is given to the laboratory for wood or resin bonding.
Later, we elaborate the CAM using a WorkNC software which allows us to simulate the manufacturing of workpieces before they are transferred to CNC machines, obtaining in this way the desired geometry.

Ufficio Tecnico - Modelleria Tardivo

We operate in various sectors

Automotive sector

Automotive sector

We have a considerable experience in the production and manufacturing of moulds for the automotive industry and we can guarantee  high quality and aesthetic standards in a short time, thanks to the continuous development of internal resources and our usage of the most sophisticated 3D modelling software.

Motorcycle and mechanic

Motorcycle and mechanic

We design and produce both standard and customized moulds for the motorcycle industry: leg and seat covers and other elements of a motorcycle fairing.

Nautical sector

Nautical sector

We make fibreglass moulds for decks, hulls, hardtops and panels that require the production of specific models, prototypes and mock-ups already designed and conceived during the engineering and design phase.

Appliances and Furniture

Appliances and Furniture

We produce moulds for the moulding of plastic components for the household appliance industry: terminals, seals, waste pipes, grids, filters, knobs.
We put all our knowledge, experience and infrastructure at your disposal to realize any piece of street furniture or architectural element.